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Beat the Inferno: Where Gen Z can spend a ‘cool’ summer

by RepublicAsia

IT isn’t the start of summer but it’s still getting hotter and hotter everyday, the recorded heat index by PAGASA in the NCR is ranging from 38-40 degrees celsius, this maybe the perfect time to escape that heat and staying into more colder areas that this country has to offer.

Whether it’s to have a staycation in a Kubo in Sagada, a cafe overlooking Antipolo; a farm in Tagaytay; or different cafe spots in the Metro, these places for nature lovers and foodies are sure way to keep cool and it all awaits with good food and memories. 

Far from the city bustle 

Sagada Heritage Village

Mampukong, Balugan, Sagada

A home away from home and can also be a sanctuary if you’re the type to enjoy scenic views and get lost in the feel of the greens around. You’ll find pine trees, multiple kubos (Nipa Huts) and the vast space of the mountains. You’d have to travel 300 kilometers from Manila though, but this 1 hectare village offers the cozy feel of nature and a chilly stay for family and friends that is sure to be worth the travel time. 

Their accommodation consists of staying/sleeping in a Kubo or Nipa Hut, book one and you’ll get your own private bathroom with provided towels. This 10-room lodging offers different kinds of “Huts”. They have huts that can accommodate a couple for only PHP1800, PHP2500 for three pax, PHP 3500 for 5 pax, PHP4500 for 8 pax, they charge PHP500 per person if you exceed the maximum number of people in a hut. Their check in time is at 2PM, checkout time 12 PM.Meals are made upon request. 

Staying at Sagada Heritage Village will let you have access to different activities such as watching movies or shows with friends in their “TV” Area,a nice and soothing massage with additional charge, walk around and enjoy the sanctity the place provides or for those who would like to a get a quick “workout”, hiking the area is a good option as well. 

In addition to their accommodation and activities this place is open to all even fur-parents as they are pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pups or cats at home, let them join the cold weather too. 

This lodging is only 15 minutes away from the center of Sagada and is near to famous tourist spots such as the Sumaguing Cave, Bomod-ok Falls and the Hanging Coffins. 

You can directly message them on their official Facebook Page Sagada Heritage Village for more inquiries and booking. 

Photo Courtesy: Sagada Heritage Village | Facebook

Typica Coffee Hollywood Terraces

Sumulong Highway, Antipolo, Rizal

This heat wave can be a buzzkill for coffee lovers who enjoy spending time at cafes, but that’s not necessarily true. As there are other options of refreshing non-coffee drinks out there. Picture this, you’re sipping on cool iced tea or a refreshing milkshake — sounds like the perfect antidote to the heat right? Now imagine enjoying that drink in a comfortable, open air space that’s not hot and with a nice view overlooking the Metro Manila Skyline and Sierra Madre Mountains. Typica Coffee Hollywood Terraces offers that experience. 

This Japanese inspired cafe located at Antipolo, Rizal does not only serve fresh coffee as they provide an array of drinks, pastries and pastas. 

Their drink selection features an assortment of teas, it includes the classic green tea, the fruity peach tea, the tangy lemon ginger tea, and a refreshing mint tea. In addition to that, they also provide a list of milkshakes in different flavors like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. 

If you’re looking for something to compliment your chosen beverage, they have incorporated Japanese inspired recipes into their range of pastries such as their white matcha mousse cake and hokkaido cheese tart. They also offer a selection of non-japanese inspired desserts, ensuring there is something for every palate. 

But this cafe isn’t just for those with a sweet tooth. They also offer a savory pasta menu that continues to showcase their Japanese theme. You can choose from options like the chicken wafu and mushroom pasta or the pomodoro kani. Prices of their food and drinks have been updated since February 1, 2024. 

Typica Coffee Hollywood Terraces is open from 8 AM-11PM daily. 

  Photo Courtesy: typicacoffeehollywoodterraces | Instagram

Farmer’s Table Tagaytay

Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay City

Tagaytay is known for the “quick” getaway when the high temperatures hit the country, it’s a staple for those who want to keep cool and enjoy the view of the infamous Taal Lake but that’s not all there is to this cold city. Just 18 kilometers north of Taal Lake stands Nurture Wellness Village which features their al fresco restaurant Farmer’s Table Tagaytay. 

If you’re into the aesthetic feels and greenery, maybe this spot is the perfect one for you, Farmer’s Table offers a selection of foods from salads, to main courses like ribs and chicken and even seafood, snacks such as the classic fries, chips with different kinds of dips. This restaurant surely has options for everyone as it also includes vegetarian dishes. 

Staying cool and refreshed is a part of their menu, as they have a wide variety of coolers to choose from. Mixes of fruit flavored juices and teas and even a spin on a classic milk tea elevated with ube and langka. 

As for those who’d like to take their refreshers up a notch, you can choose from their menu of different mixes of liquors, like sangria, margarita and even wine.

Prices of their food ranges from PHP300-700 that is good for sharing and as for their drinks PHP195-300 for solo order and around PHP600 for a pitcher. As for their liquors and wines you can enjoy a glass for PHP250-400. 

This restaurant elevates your experience of a “quick” getaway by being surrounded with greens and the lushness it provides. For foodies who are looking to beat the heat, traveling an hour or two to reach this destination might be a good idea. They are open daily from 7 AM to 9PM. 

Photo Courtesy: farmerstabletagaytay | Instagram

Around the Metro

Cafe Uno 

300 Mendiola Street, Alabang 

Cafe Uno serves as a Sanctuary for those who seek the beach’s ambiance without having to travel to the coast. This particular cafe, conveniently located for the “Southies”, offers the perfect venue to unwind and socialize, savoring refreshing chilled beverages in the company of good friends. 

The cafe is carefully curated to fit the Tropical-Nordic theme. The decor adorned with an array of plants is complemented by the stylish and comfortable tables and chairs. 

The appeal of Cafe Uno extends beyond aesthetics as they also offer a quality menu. Their selection of beverage ranges from fruit based drinks and teas and creamy frappes, guaranteed to quench your thirst on a hot summer day, to top it all off they also serve an assortment of dishes from hearty pastas and pizzas, to sweet pastries and savory snacks. Their food prices range from PHP 79-400. As for their drinks, you can enjoy a beverage for PHP79-130. 

Cafe Uno is a good place to hide away from the sweltering summer and heat, so whether you’re seeking a refreshing drink, a tasty meal or simply a cozy place to relax in, this spot is the right destination. 

They serve fresh drinks and food daily from 11 AM to 12 Midnight. 

    Photo Courtesy: cafeuno.alabang | Instagram

With reports from Katelyn Julianne Miralles


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