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Be the best, do the most with Dell XPS 13 Plus

by Joshua Gerona

Recently updated on September 27, 2023 01:13 pm

Working in the creative industry requires extreme passion and perseverance to transform big creative ideas into valuable content. 

But with the fast-changing trends today, being creative requires one to invest in a high-functioning device that can handle the demands of many clients so as not to get left behind. 

It has to be a powerful device that offers performance, versatility, and mobility needed to handle resource-intensive tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and music production.

It is difficult to find one that offers both power and mobility, as laptops with higher specifications are often bulky and heavy.

However, Filipinos need not worry anymore. 

With the new Dell XPS 13 Plus, it will surely push creatives to be the best by unleashing their vast artistic potential.

Courtesy: Dell

Recently launched in the Philippines, XPS 13 Plus is Dell’s latest gift to all professionals and content creators to make their working experience more comfortable and seamless. 

With top-notch performance and eye-catching design, XPS 13 Plus seems to embody the perfect device one could ever ask for.

But what’s with this laptop that makes it stand out from other devices?  

Work without delay

Unresponsiveness and sudden shutdown of applications in your device can make you lose your momentum and prevent your creative ideas from flourishing. 

You don’t have to put up with this if you have a fast processor, which is what you can get with Dell Technologies’ latest offering. The XPS 13 Plus stands as the company’s most powerful 13-inch XPS laptop, powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors

With more cores and faster clock speeds, the new Dell XPS 13 Plus has the full capacity to accommodate heavy-duty tasks like video editing and graphic designing while also providing a top-notch cooling system that allows your device to function swiftly. 

Courtesy: Dell

More enjoyment 

Whether you get enjoyment from gaming, watching movies, or browsing on online platforms, the Dell XPS 13 Plus can give it all to you with its brand new technology featuring a longer battery life. 

It can charge up to 80 percent in less than an hour, allowing you to stream your favorite shows for 7 to 13 hours without pause. 

Better navigation

Working and producing quality output is now made more efficient with XPS 13 Plus’ user-friendly typing features. 

Its zero-lattice keyboard and glass haptic touchpad provide ease of control as well as a comfortable touch-typing experience, allowing users to maneuver their screen hassle-free.  

In addition to this, users can now do the most with their work tasks as the new backlit touch function row lets them switch between media and function keys conveniently. 

Creative ideas could now easily be brought to life with a few clicks using your Dell XPS 13 Plus!  

Courtesy: Dell

Fast and secure sign-on 

You can explore the virtual world with no worries with Dell XPS 13 Plus’ safer and more secure login experience.

With Dell’s newest technology, your privacy and security are ensured. The XPS 13 Plus laptops have a dual-sensor camera, which allows users to log in and out of their device using Dell’s ExpressSign-in paired with Windows Hello streamlines. 

Realistic visuals, mesmerizing sound 

Get the most vivid visuals and smoothest audio you deserve as the XPS 13 Plus can now deliver life-like graphics with its 13.4’’ OLED 4K screen and new quad speakers. These will prove you with a memorable and extraordinary audio-visual experience. 

You can now watch your favorite TV series or check your sample creative content with full confidence as Dell commits to its promise of giving you only the best.

Sustainability without compromising quality

You can now also do the most not just for yourself but also for mother nature as the XPS 13 Plus is environmentally friendly due to its use of low carbon aluminum in its chassis, which helps reduce its carbon footprint. The packaging for the device is made from 100 percent recycled or renewable materials. 

Imagine unleashing your creativity while also helping the environment—Dell XPS 13 Plus can help you make a difference in the world with its unique and innovative features. 

Courtesy: Dell

Better experience with Dell XPS 13 Plus 

More than just a laptop, the new XPS 13 Plus is here to make your life easier in and out of the workplace with its very convenient features. 

This latest offering from Dell Technologies will surely make your time more worthwhile as it allows you to do the most without having to worry about performance interruptions. 

If you are looking for a device that can bring out the best in you, the search is over because the XPS 13 Plus can give the most seamless experience you have never experienced before. 




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