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‘BBC Dad’ shares milestone of daughter who crashed his live interview after 6 years

by Jericho Zafra

BBC Dad and his family are viral once again. 

The internet and mainstream media couldn’t stop gushing over a tweet by Professor Robert Kelly where he shared adorable photos of his kids and wife.

Just like any normal parent, the internet sensation shared his two-cents about parenting even as he celebrated a milestone in his daughter’s life. 

Coincidentally, Marion, 9, had a singing performance in time for the sixth anniversary of their family’s hilarious video that has over 50 million views on Youtube. 

In the photos, Kelly was seen hugging Marion after the singing performance.

“Some BBC Dad content since the 6th anniversary of the original video was last Friday. Marion had a singing performance this past weekend, so we got some nice family pictures,” Kelly tweeted.


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Kelly, an associate professor at the Pusan National University in South Korea, went on to thank the viewers and said they were “flattered” by the kindness they have received from the video.

“Thanks again to all of you who follow me [because] of the video. My family and I [are] flattered by your kindness,” he said.

Time flies

In 2017, Kelly was giving a live interview for the BBC about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye when Marion, 4, and nine-month-old brother James crashed into his home office.  

Marion came in first. She was captured dancing with a toy and sashaying as she walked toward her father. Kelly playfully tried to push her out of the scene but before he could, James wheeled into the room in a baby walker.

During the comedic effort by Kelly to continue the interview despite his children on the scene, his wife Kim Jung-a appeared, crawled on the floor, and apologized profusely while she took the kids out.

The brief video, which lasted for about 43 seconds, was an instant hit and won the hearts of many on the internet and as a result, Kelly eventually became known as the “BBC Dad.”

That same year, more than a week after the encounter, Kelly was once again interviewed, this time, he was made sure that his doors were locked prior to the interview.

That video became viral again when the pandemic hit and global lockdowns were imposed. Netizens shared how relatable it was for the specific period.

Where are they now?

Currently, Kelly still works as a professor and continues doing his political commentaries while Marion is now 9 years old while James will turn 6 years old this year.



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