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‘Bardagulan’ may be a factor why PH bet lost, says avid Miss U observer

by Athena Yap

JESSON Capuchino, Sash and Scripts owner and Sash Factor resident blogger, asked fans to be extra careful next time about how they express their support to their favored candidate.

Why? Because their behavior could indirectly affect the overall impression towards the candidate, he said. 

Days before the coronation night, Thai and Philippine supporters were clashing on social media, comparing and pitting Thailand’s Anna Sueangam-iam and the Philippines’ Celeste Cortesi against each other. 

But it turned out that neither one of them earned a spot during the semifinals of the 71st Miss Universe.

Capcuhino noted that none of the candidates whose supporters were very passionate and vocal on social media made it to the semi-finals, including Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

He believes this could have affected the perception about the candidates. 

“Naka apekto ba ang behavior natin? Indirectly, I believe so,” he told republicasia. 

“Naka apekto siya but on the scoring or judging process, I don’t think that it had a huge bearing. However, I think indirectly naka apekto siya sa ating candidate or naka apekto siya sa ibang candidate and we really should be careful next time with regards to this.” 

Capuchino has been a long-time Miss Universe observer. He offered sober reviews, prompting some people to call him a pageant expert, analyst.

Although the clamor was not part of the judging process, the pageant analyst said that it should serve as a lesson to supporters that they needed to be careful with what they say, especially since the Miss Universe Organization was against bullying.

“I believe around December they had a round-table discussion with several Miss Universe candidates. I think Celeste was one of those candidates and they had a discussion about cyberbullying and it was really a hot topic,” he said.

The pageant observer said that it could be unfair to say that the online critics were a factor in judging, but it could also be a moment for people to realize that their actions on social media needed to be reviewed.

“Ultimately siguro for us fans, just be very careful nalang in the future on what we say on social media, kung sino inaaway natin,” he said.

He recalled that there came a time when netizens crossed the line by attacking even the children of the national director of the former Miss Universe Organization.

“It also came to the point that the arguments and comments on her social media were already directed towards her kids, which was really below the belt. And I think we shouldn’t go to the lines of agitating innocent kids in attacks on anyone on social media,” he said.

According to Sash, the negative actions of the supporters should invite an introspection on what they have been doing.

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