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Awra walks out of jail after posting bail

by Carl Santos

Actress Awra Briguela walked out of prison on Saturday night after posting bail in connection with the charges filed against her due to a brawl in Makati City on June 29.

The Makati Regional Trial Court allowed Briguela’s release from police custody after she posted bail of P6,000 for cases of slight physical injuries and simple disobedience to a person in authority.

Police earlier said that Briguela allegedly started a fight at Bolt Hole Bar in Poblacion, which led to a brawl involving several individuals and her subsequent arrest.

The report said complainant Mark Christian Ravana, who was at the place with his friends for a despedida party, claimed that Briguela walked up to him, teased him, and “compel[led]” him to take off his clothes. Ravana refused. 

Ravana said he moved away from Briguela and her group of friends by going down the stairs and out of the bar. But he said Briguela supposedly got irked, followed him, pulled his shirt, and hit him.

A commotion ensued, and Briguela’s friends came and allegedly took turns hitting Ravana.

The report said police personnel from the Poblacion substation responded to the incident and tried to “pacify” Briguela.

But she allegedly “got irked,” “shouted [at]” and “badmouthed” the policemen, and asked them if they knew who she was. It was also alleged that when a policeman asked her to stay calm, she pushed him, which led to her arrest.

Social media personality Riva Quenery, Briguela’s friend who visited her at the Makati police station, said the actress told her that she was just trying to defend a friend after a group of men touched this friend inappropriately at the bar.

Quenery said this led to a heated confrontation, and one of the men punched Briguela.

She called on the police to investigate the incident thoroughly.



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