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Austria looking for nurses and engineers

by Kiko Cueto

ARE you a graduate with a medical background or one who took on engineering or information technology? Check one.

Are you presently looking for a job, or seeking to expand? Check two.

To complete your list, are you seeking to work abroad?

If you were able to tick all three, then here is another one: want to try your luck in Austria?

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) said that they have received reports that workers in the hospitality sector could earn from P124,000 to P186,000.

Those in the healthcare sector can earn from P155,000 to P255,000; and IT/engineering sector from P186,000 to P373,000.

The DMW said that those who will be hired will also have the opportunity to be permanent residents in Austria. 

The successful applicants will also have access to healthcare and other social services in Austria. 

The job opportunities will also be opened up to their kin.

The DMW said interested parties simply need to log on to their official website.



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