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Atty. Woo’s Park Eun Bin drops fandom name, color

by Alyssa Luciano

WOO to the young to the woo squad, where are you at?

Park Eun Bin, who is known for her iconic portrayal of K-drama fans’ favorite lawyer Woo Young Woo from the Netflix series Extraordinary Attorney Woo, just released her fandom name and fandom color.

The Korean actress announced through her staff-managed Twitter account on February 3 that her fans can already have their own identity. They are now called BINGOs while their fandom color will be “violet pink” and “light green yellow.” 

What do these mean?

Her agency explained that the fandom’s name, BINGO, is a combination of Park Eun Bin’s “Bin” and the word “go,” which stands for the people who will “go” together with the actress’s journey throughout her career.

“It represents ‘friends and partners’ who will work together with Park Eun Bin to fill each bingo row as well as those who will ‘go’ together with Park Eun Bin until the day the bingo is complete,” said Namoo Actors, which manages the actress.

The agency also said the official colors for the BINGOs reflect the actor’s energy. 

“Violet pink, which has a lovely and bright image, and light green yellow, which symbolizes vibrant energy, meet together to represent Park Eun Bin’s colorful charms,” it said. 

Park Eun Bin recently came to the Philippines for her first ever fan meeting in Asia, titled Eun-Bin Note: Binkan. It was held on October 23, 2022 at the New Frontier Theater.

Who is Park Eun Bin?

Park Eun Bin, who was born on September 4, 1992, is a multi-awarded Korean actress who entered Korean entertainment when she was a child. Making her debut at the young age of 7, Eun Bin has already had her breakthrough in K-entertainment when she starred in the 1998 drama White Night 3.98.

She also got cast in the Korean history series, Queen Seon Deok, as a supporting actress, playing the character Bo Ryang. She was also notable for her portrayals  as Ham Yi Seul in the rom-com series, Operation Proposal, and Ha Cho Co in the series Choco Bank, where she starred with K-pop group EXO’s main dancer, Kai.

In 2020, the actress landed the role of the main character for the Korean melodrama titled Do You Like Brahms?. She played the role of Chae Song Ah, a 4th year student who studies to become a violinist.

2021 became her year as well as she played the main character in the historical drama, The King’s Affection. Her role was that of the Crown Prince Lee Hwi who keeps her identity as a woman secret to be safe from danger.

Eun Bin’s role as Woo Young Woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo fueled her further rise to fame. Her portrayal of the main character, who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, became a huge hit with viewers.

She has also received awards for her acting performances. She received the Best Actress Award in the 4th Asia Contents Awards, Rising Star Award for TV in the 2022 Critics Choice Association’s Asian Pacific Cinema and Television, Top Excellence Award (Actress) and Popularity Award (Female) in the 2021 KBS Drama Awards, and Top Excellence Award in Miniseries (Fantasy/Romance) in the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.

Her hit series Extraordinary Attorney Woo finished off with 16 episodes and ended on August 18, 2022. As her leading man, Kang Tae Oh, enlisted for military service in the same year, the production of the second season of the series will kick off in 2024. A musical will also happen in 2024 which will be based on the episodes in the Korean drama.

Park Eun Bin in Philippines

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo star came to the Philippines on October 23, 2022 as part of her first ever fan meet in Asia entitled Eun Bin Note: Bin Kan. It was part of her tour around Asia, which also had her visiting Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo. Manila was Eun Bin’s first stop. 

The fan meet was filled with activities that made the world-renowned actress go on a roller coaster of emotions. She also made her fans happy by speaking in Tagalog, saying phrases such as “Ang saya saya ko” and “Maganda ba ako?”.


‘Maganda ba ako? Cute pa ba ako?!’ Super cute Filipino lines from our #extraordinaryattorneywoo #parkeunbin #parkeunbinliveinmanila #eunbin #binkan #fancam

♬ Proud – Rita Ora

She read the messages of her Filipino fans who wrote about when they started liking Park Eun Bin. She said that through their messages, she really felt their love for her.

Organizers also presented Eun Bin with a cake and a video containing messages from her fans, which made the actress emotional.

Wrapping up the event, the actress sang the OPM song Especially for You by MYMP. She also thanked her fans for their continuous support for her career and expressed her desire to come back to the Philippines.

Banner Photo via Namoo Actors



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