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Asian royals who spice up social media 

by Athena Yap

Almost everyone is online nowadays. Celebrities, authorities, and even members of the royalty can be found on social media.

The modern members of the royalty surely know how to keep their followers interested. They provide glimpses of their sports activities, talent, businesses and anything else that give people an idea of a day in the life of a blue-blooded person.

But more importantly, these members of the royalty also share their advocacies which inspire many of their followers.

Because of this, people are even more hooked on them. 

Here are the colorful social media profiles of the Asian royals.

  1. Johor, Malaysia | Tunku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ibrahim

This 29-year-old member of the royalty is definitely among the top-crushes of women on social media. 

As can be seen on his Instagram account, this blue blood is very much into sports, particularly facing. 

In 2021, he bagged the GTWCAU Vice Champ award and two more awards in 2022, which are Pro Am Champ and Enduro Champ. He is also a Red Bull athlete.

Tunku Abdul is not only a competitive sportsman, he is also a pilot.

So, when he’s not racing cars or going to the gym, he’s probably playing with planes in the sky.

  1. Brunei | Prince Abdul Mateen

Asia’s answer to Europe’s Prince Harry is Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei.

The 31-year-old bachelor is considered the most popular Prince in Asia with 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

It’s no stranger to the world that he is a lover of animals, especially horses. But what people may not know is that he is also a horse-whisperer, according to Tatler.

  1. Jaipur, India | Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh

Meet Maharaja, who is also known as “Pacho.”

The 24-year-old is India’s youngest millionaire from the royal family of Jaipur.

He usually spends his time playing polo, exploring the world, studying in New York City, and keeping up with fashion trends.

He has been on the cover of several magazines like Elle, GQ, and Vogue.

  1. Thailand | Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana

Princess Sirivannavari is a 36-year-old member of the Thai royalty who’s a little bit social media shy, but bold in expressing her fashion statement through her custom label, which she named after herself.

She does not have an Instagram account which shows her daily life, but she has an account for her shop. It shows only her designs and models, but she also sometimes shares glimpses of herself.

Besides being a fashion business owner, she is also very hands-on in designing everything in her brand. 

But she is not only fashion-savvy, she is a scuba-diver as well.

  1. Brunei | Samantha Richelle

Yes, the Filipino-American Actress is a member of royalty.

Not many know that blue blood is running in her veins. She is a daughter of Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, who is the brother of Brunei’s Sultan.

Despite her sultry and inviting Instagram posts, she is a family woman who is married to soccer player Anton del Rosario. They have one son, Myles.

  1. Malaysia | Princess Ezurin Khyra

She may be 50 but she never ages because plays well with fashion.

Princess Khyra was once married to MAA Group executive chairman Tunku Datuk Yaacob, the son of the late Tunku Tan Sri Abdullha. 

When you take a peek at her Instagram account, she seems to be living the life of a “Crazy Rich Asian.”

Fans are so obsessed with visiting her feed as it shows so many glamorous OOTDs.



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