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April Fools’ Day: What not to do

by Kiko Cueto

TODAY marks the return to work for many Filipinos after commemorating Lent, but it’s also the first day of April, and what is called April Fool’s Day.

But let us be kind, after all, we just had time to reflect and repent, so let us not be too naughty.

While today could be a day to play practical jokes, here are a few things to tick off your list in this predominantly American tradition.

1. Breakups and cheating

Ok, it is exciting to do this, but you have to consider your partner’s feelings just for laughs. Plus, it could lead to a real break up as the actual punchline.

2. Pranks on deaths, self-harm or mental disorder

When you joke about real-life struggles, it is always and all ways foul.

People, almost everybody, have struggles and traumas. So making fun of it is not a laughing matter. Many have to deal with them on a daily basis. So, it is not wise to use this just for a joke.

3. Pranking delivery riders

Delivery riders often pay first for the meal ordered and then wait for your payment. Making fake orders and canceling bookings is not a laughing matter as it disrupts their livelihoods. It makes them lose money and time just when fuel prices are high.

4. Jokes on coming out

While today’s generation widely accepted and welcomes the LGBTQIA+ community, still there are some who suffer from discrimination, stereotypes and unequal treatment in the Philippines.

Joking about a person coming out gives them undue pressure. It is disrespectful for their personal  struggles.

5. Stunt jokes causing public panic

Leading or causing a public stir or hysteria is the work of pure evil. Making an entire area or community panic should never be on your April Fools’ Day pranks. Among these include bomb jokes, pranks like these can cause injury or worse and could make you liable for unintended consequences of the prank.

Whatever prank you plan this April Fools’ Day, always one must remember to measure your joke to the person receiving it. And if you can give a joke, you must also be ready to receive the butt end of a joke as well. Be kind, joke’s on you if you can’t take it.



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