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Apology not accepted; Netizens Call to Cancel Balenciaga

by Athena Yap

ANGRY netizens continue to rip the luxury brand Balenciaga over the controversial advertisement that depicts a child holding a teddy bear with bondage gear.

They expressed their anger on their socmed accounts.

Even Youtuber Blaire White is bothered and can’t help but rant on social media to cancel the lavish label.

Commanding more than a million followers, White wrote a series of tweets to express her dismay over the issue.

“I rarely boycott, but Balenciaga is cancelled for me,” she said.

Balenciaga sells pricey fashionable bags, shoes, and clothes both for men and women.

“I’ve spent thousands of $ on them, but now I’ll be donating my items to the nearest homeless shelter,” she added.

Out of infuriation, a netizen asked: “When do Balenciaga get their bank accounts frozen? When do people wearing Balenciaga & supporting child abuse get their bank accounts frozen?”

On its Twitter account, Gay Against Groomers, a group of LGBTQIA against child sexual exploitation, also expressed its frustration with Balenciaga. The group said the issue is becoming worse, and it is canceling the brand. 

One the members of Gay Against Groomers group, Clarkson Lawson, said that before releasing an ad, it is scrutinized. 

Another Twitter user expressed his disappointment and eagerness to cancel the luxury brand after figuring that it was not only the latest ad that was disturbing, but also the firm’s previous ads.

“I’ve never been one to ‘cancel,’ but fashion brand Balenciaga needs to be shut down,” he said.

Indeed, the luxury brand has to take its repercussions from Business of Fashion (BoF). The US-based fashion news magazine said they will be withdrawing Demna, Balenciaga’s creative director, from the list of awardees for their Global Voices Awards.

Evidently, people are still furious and social media is bombarded with countless rants about the ad controversy concerning the luxury label.

This is not the first time that Balenciaga got canceled.

In 2018, Chinese netizens fumed  over Balenciaga’s alleged racist on a Chinese shopper in Paris.

A short video clip went viral where it was seen that a security guard from their store was roughly hushing the Chinese shopper.


As of writing, the official Twitter account of Balenciaga has been deactivated.



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