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AJ and Aljur’s IG ‘Valentine reveal’ draws mixed reactions

by Izel Abanilla AND Joyce Remo

WHO’S happy about AJ and Aljur’s Valentine reveal?

Controversial sexy star AJ Raval posted a romantic photo of her and Aljur Abrenica on Instagram amid the ongoing controversy over the actress’ supposed pregnancy and the birth of their child. 

Raval’s Valentine reveal had the caption “I’ll always give you all the love I have in my heart and love you unconditionally.” 

Her entry was a photo of them by the beach, eliciting a simple but meaningful heart emoji reply from Abrenica. 

Screen grabbed from AJ Raval’s Instagram (@ajravvvs)

While many congratulated Raval for finally coming out about her relationship with Abrenica, others expressed their dismay and said what she did was her “grand launch” as the “kabit” or “other woman.”

Abrenica is estranged from Kylie Padilla, who he married in 2018. 

Netizens commented that it seemed that Raval was declaring herself as the third party since Abrenica and Padilla are still legally married.

Meanwhile, Abrenica’s own Valentine reveal was a photo of him with Raval out for a night ride with his arm around her and his eyes locked on her. His post was left uncaptioned. 

Screen grabbed from Aljur Abrenica’s Instagram (@ajabrenica)

Although photos of them on social media had gone viral from time to time, neither Raval nor Abrenica had officially confirmed what was speculated about their relationship.

The two have been romantically linked with each other since Abrenica’s controversial split with Padilla. 

Raval has also repeatedly denied that she was the reason behind their split. 

Cristy Fermin, Ogie Diaz insist on AJ’s pregnancy, childbirth 

Among the most significant controversies that hit the two were the exposes of showbiz veterans Cristy Fermin and Ogie Diaz about Raval’s supposed pregnancy and the birth of her baby with Aljur. 

In July 2022, Fermin, through her YouTube program, said that a reliable source confirmed that Raval was pregnant with Abrenica’s child. 

“Ito naman ay bibitiwan natin at ito naman ay ipupusta natin ng siyento porsyento. Totoo po mga ka-chika, nagdadalang-tao po si AJ Raval,” Fermin said. 

The actress’ father Jeric Raval denied this in an interview with Ogie Diaz via his YouTube program. 

However, in November 2022, Diaz reported via own program that a reliable source confirmed that the actress had given birth in a simple hospital in Pasig City. 

Fermin echoed the same report and said that the woman brought to the facility was the sexy actress, and that Abrenica was spotted waiting inside his car. 



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