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Affordable Christmas decorations you can buy in Divisoria

by Joanna Deala

WE are now down to 95 days before Christmas. 

As the most-awaited holiday approaches, more and more Filipinos are flocking to shopping centers and markets to buy decorations to set up or to add touches to their holiday theme this year. 

Last week, republicasia went to Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City to check the prices of Christmas ornaments that are now available in the market. 

Shops at Dapitan Arcade offer great deals on a wide selection of decorations, including figurines, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas lanterns, snow lanterns, and Christmas villages. 

But Dapitan Arcade is not the only place where shoppers can get bargains. When Filipinos hear the words “cheap items,” the Divisoria commercial hub in Tondo, Manila immediately comes to mind. 

One can find almost everything in Divisoria as the place is filled with bargain malls, stores, and stalls that sell a variety of items, ranging from clothes, fabrics, footwear, accessories, furniture, and food items.

Needless to say, Christmas decorations will never not be part of Divisoria products, especially during holiday season.  

The republicasia team did not miss the chance to check out the bargains that shoppers may get at the famous commercial center:

Christmas trees

Romarleah Artificial Flowershop has different types of Christmas trees displayed in front of its store.

The team spotted vendor JR Contreras, 43, setting up an 8 feet tall Christmas tree that he would decorate. He said a plain Christmas tree with that height costs P6,500. But the prices vary depending on the type of tree.

The shop’s two-colored Christmas trees are more affordable, costing P550 for the 5 feet tall trees and P1,800 for 8 feet tall ones. These trees, however, are not usually decorated by the store, said Contreras.

“Mas mura din ‘yon, kaya lang hindi ako nagde-design non kasi parang lumalabas na disposable siya,” he said. 

He also shared that the shop’s decorated Christmas trees are the most popular items among customers, and the prices for these range from P8,000 to P10,000. This type of Christmas tree is more expensive because customers not only pay for the items, they also pay for the hard work of the vendors who designed them. 

“Pinagtuunan ng oras kasi kaya mataas ng onti,” he said. 

But if customers opt to decorate their own tree, Contreras said the shop also offers tutorials.

“Ang madalas ginagawa namin, gagawa kami ng isang piraso [tapos] papaliwanag namin paano pag-assemble, paano pag-set up sa Christmas tree. Nagugustuhan naman ng customer kasi kahit papano naman daw nalilibang sila,” he said.

One early Christmas shopper that republicasia bumped into was Cristina Bondoc, 41, who bought a plain Christmas tree.

Bondoc said she bought the item as a way for her to pass on to the next generation of her family the Christmas spirit.

“Sabi nila tayo yung pinaka longest na Christmas. So, September pa lang, gusto kong maramdaman na sa bahay namin na malapit na yung Pasko,” she said.

Christmas balls

Romarleah Artificial Flowershop also sells Christmas balls, the prices of which vary based on their size.

The diameters of the balls range from 4 centimeters to 8 centimeters, with the largest selling for P450. The prices could also be reduced if customers would bargain, Contreras said. 

Store owner Jennefer Roderos, 48, also sells Christmas balls in various sizes, with 3 centimeters being the smallest and 10 centimeters being the largest.

The 3 centimeter Christmas balls are priced at P90, while the 10 centimeter Christmas balls cost P650.

Christmas lights 

Roderos also offers Christmas lights in her store, which are sold for P150 to P750, depending on the length.

On the other hand, store owner Aanie Lorenzo, 49, sells newly-released designs of Christmas lights for P850.

“Since bago, medyo may kataasan pa [sa presyo],” she said.

Shopper Jaela Estaris, 21, was seen buying Christmas lights and other decorations to make their house “lively.” 

Estaris shared she went early to Divisoria to buy the items to avoid the rush of shoppers when Christmas draws nearer.

“Sobrang dami ng tao araw-araw sa Divisoria pero kapag ganitong panahon, hindi pa siya masyadong dagsaan kaya [ngayon] yung mas magandang time [para] mamili,” she said.

Christmas lanterns

Christmas lights were not the only decorations displayed in Lorenzo’s store.

The store owner also offers the iconic Christmas lanterns. Lorenzo said her Christmas lanterns are sold at a very low price in September, but their prices still depend on their sizes.

The lanterns’ prices range from P1,500 to P1,800. 

Other decorations

Other Christmas ornaments such as wreaths and garlands are also available in Romarleah Artificial Flowershop and Roderos’ store.

Decorated wreaths in Romarleah Artificial Flowershop are priced at P650, but the plain ones are sold for only P100. Prices vary depending on the thickness of the wreath. 

Roderos’ shop sells large, designed wreaths for P700.

She also has garlands with a variety of decorations that cost P700 for 7 feet.



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