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Friends, families of bar exam takers go all out in showing support

by Athena Yap

IT’S not just the bar exam takers who are anxious and emotional during the tests. Their friends, families, and supporters also get affected by the excitement and tension from the event.

But while they are nervous for the examinees, they also go all out in showing their support for them. 

They can usually be seen outside the bar exam venues waiting for the aspiring lawyers to complete the tests for the day.

On Sunday, at the end of the second day of the tests, bouquets and banners with the words “Mabuhay!” greeted the test takers as they exited the venue. 

They were also welcomed with tight hugs.  

Returning the favor

Marvin Avite, who recently passed the bar, was among those present outside San Beda University to support his fraternity brothers and sisters.

It was his way of returning the favor because he also received much encouragement and assistance when he took the bar. 

Honestly kinakabahan din kami para sa kanila pero tiwala naman kami na kahit papaano magagawa naman nila, later on pag labas ng result, masasama rin sila sa mga successful examinees,” he told republicasia. 

He also said that when he was a law student, he always participated in the operations to support the bar exam takers from his organization.

He knows how much pressure there is on the aspiring lawyers, he said. Some even experience anxiety and breakdowns, he noted. 

Actually ‘di lang naman sa bar exam, pati rin sa mga ibang examination gaya ng board examination, physician licensure. Pero iba pa rin kasi talaga ang bar exam kasi you know hindi lang mga pangarap mo naka-ano dito eh, buong pagkatao mo. Sobra yung pressure,” he said.

But the support from their loved ones help the bar exam takers get through these challenges. 

Masaya kasi full support sila sa endeavor pag-take namin ng exam,” one of the examinees said.

The second day of the bar exams on  Sunday covered Criminal Law (and Practical Exercises) and Commercial Law.

The next day of the exam is on November 16 and will cover Civil Law I and Civil Law II (and Practical Exercises).



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