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7th suspect in Hong Kong chop-chop model slay nabbed in China

by Malou Talosig-Bartolome

ANOTHER Hong Kong woman has been arrested in connection with the gruesome killing of socialite Abby Choi Tin-fung, whose body was chopped up and its parts made into stew. 

The South China Morning Post reported that the woman was arrested in mainland China and turned over to Hong Kong police at the border today, Tuesday.

Although part of China, Hong Kong is a special administrative region, and its police and judicial system is autonomous from Beijing.

The Post quoted a source as saying that the woman allegedly assisted one of the offenders in the grisly killing.

She is the seventh suspect that the Hong Kong police arrested over killing the 28-year-old socialite.


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Main suspects: 4 exes

The three main suspects are the model’s ex-husband Alex Kwong Kong-chi, ex-father-in-law Kwong Kau, and ex-brother-in-law Anthony Kwong Kong-kit. They have been charged with murder without bail.

The ex-mother-in-law, Jenny Li Sui-heung, was also detained for allegedly destroying evidence.

Accessory suspects

Two other suspects who allegedly served as accessories to the crime are a 47-year old woman and a 41-year old man. Both were released on bail pending further investigation.

The sixth suspect, Lam Shun, is a yacht rental agent, who allegedly helped Choi’s ex-husband to escape to Macau.

The Post said Alex Kwong paid HK$ 300,000 (Php 2.1 million) to rent a yacht.

However, the Hong Kong police caught up with Kwong before he could escape.

The yacht agent was allowed to post HK$50,000 (Php 350,000) bail, but was required by the Kowloon City Court to surrender his travel documents and report to the police station twice a week. 

Case of Abby Choi

The Chinese fashion influencer was reported missing on February 21. 

Based on CCTV footage, she was fetched by her ex-brother-in-law.

Police scoured the global positioning system of the seven-seater car that fetched Choi and CCTV footage from multiple sources.

The Hong Kong sleuths tracked down the vehicle to a seaside village near the mountains, Tai Po’s Lung Mei Tsuen.

Choi’s severed legs were found inside the refrigerator of a three-storey house.

The police also noticed pots with stew inside. Based on the forensic examination, it was confirmed that other parts of Choi’s body were cooked in the stew. Officers also seized a meat grinder, electric saw and knives from the scene.

Other parts of the model – the torso and hands – are still missing.

Hong Kong police believe Choi had financial disputes involving a luxury property with her ex-husband and family.

The mother of two had divorced Kwong and remarried Chris Tam, the scion of a wealthy Hong Kong family.

The four former in-laws will return to Kowloon City Court on May 8.

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