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SANA ALL! Here’s Why We Adore How Kryz, Slater Keep Their Love Burning

by Athena Yap

THE online community is screaming “sana all” over the married life of 2012 Pinoy Big Brother grand winner Slater Young and fashion-lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy-Young.

In a world full of ghosting and traumatizing relationships, there is the relationship of Kryz and Slater that has become the “standard” for most people nowadays.

Who is Slater?

Slater is a 34-year-old civil engineer from Cebu City. He built his own empire without relying on his family’s fortune. He also explored the showbiz world and joined the 2012 season “Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited.”

Slater was the first male big winner of the said reality show.

Who is Kryz Uy?

If you’re a millennial and have always loved fashion, you’ve probably heard about her by now. Kryz Uy is the author of Thirstythought blog. Before OOTD “inspos” (or inspiration)  became popular on TikTok, she has been sharing her stylish outfits on her blog. 

Their love story has been popular on social media because of the genuine and wholesome relationship content they share on podcasts and social platforms.

The recent joint reel of the couple, where the two candidly exchanged sweet gestures early in the morning, immediately generated over 30 thousand likes in just an hour.


From there, netizens started to get hooked on the relationship of the famous social media figures.

The two are popularly known now as a straightforward couple who share their experiences and knowledge to their audience.

Why are they becoming the standard?

Imagine being in sync with your partner. This is what people have been seeing in the relationship of Kryz and Slater. According to them, they haven’t had any big fights yet.

How is that possible?

Slater said that when they fight, whether over a small or big matter, they always have a real conversation about it rather than attack each other.

Kryz once said that when they have a misunderstanding, she would tell Slater: “Okay, this is happening and I’m not comfortable with it, I’m not happy with what you did. Can you tell me why you’re doing it? Explain to me your side.”

Fans also dug into Young’s archived vlogs and found an episode where they were asked the same question about whether they got into big fights that almost led to a break up. 

People were impressed with the consistency of their answers from 2018 compared to 2022. It’s unbelievable but it’s happening.

Both of them are also very open to discuss anything, even the most awkward questions. They answer these graciously. 

Millennials and Gen Z can relate pretty well to them. Some wish they had  a Kryz or Slater in their life. 

Kryz and Slater Love Story

Their love story began in a most unexpected way. They did not like each other at first.

Kryz’s impression of Slater was “gwapong gwapo sa sarili,” while Slater’s impression of Kryz was “maarte.”

But true enough, love moves in a very mysterious way. Kryz and Slater ended up with each other when there was another opportunity to know one another on a deeper level.

The famous couple  started dating in 2015, got engaged in 2018 and got married in 2019 at Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu.

They now have two cute baby boys named Scottie and Sevi.



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