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5-star hotel faces scrutiny over body shaming incident; hotel investigates

by Bryan Gadingan

DIAMOND Hotel Philippines, a 5-star hotel on Manila Bay, is currently facing criticism following an alleged “body shaming” incident with an intern that went viral on social media.

A Facebook user, the partner of the individual who was body shamed, expressed his dissatisfaction with the hotel in a lengthy post and demanded that the company be held accountable for what happened.

“How unprofessional and Body Shamer yung mga Managers and Human Resource nyo!” the intern applicant’s boyfriend said in his Facebook account.

The boyfriend even noted the time-consuming process his girlfriend had to go through in order to secure an internship site, as this is a significant indicator of her graduation.

“My girlfriend is looking for a 3-5 Star Hotel where she can do her internship/OJT as required by her school. I know she’s been tired for two consecutive weeks, looking and going around Metro Manila and Tagaytay,” he explained.

“She then received a text message last Wednesday for an interview from Diamond Hotel. We have been delighted as finally, this will make her dream come true to finish her college.”

“She went last Thursday and spoke with one of your Managers and she was called as “Gasul” kasi daw, “Maliit kananga, mataba pa.” Manager added “That’s true!, Magreduce ka!”

Body shaming reinforces unattainable beauty standards and contributes to a poisonous culture that prioritizes appearance above personal traits and achievements. 

This can create an environment in which people feel driven to adhere to conventional expectations, resulting in a widespread sense of inadequacy and constant comparison. 

Unfortunately, the girl did not qualify for the internship and was so unhappy that she cried from the overall aggravation she had with the awful experience.

“Sadly, she didn’t make it. I can see the frustration and disappointment on her face. How she was sad and demotivated that day. Worst? CRYING,” he proceeded to share.

“We get the point, you have requirements, physically. But the way your managers act and speak? TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL!”


On the other hand, Diamond Hotel Philippines is now examining the aforementioned occurrence. As promised, the business establishment made it clear that it would not tolerate the student’s behavior.

“Diamond Hotel Philippines is aware of a recent Facebook post that brought attention to an alleged incident concerning an internship applicant,” the company stated in the statement.

“We want to assure everyone that the hotel does not tolerate such behavior and take these claims seriously. The hotel is currently investigating the matter to take appropriate actions.”

Indeed, body shaming can reinforce harmful stereotypes and prejudice, influencing how people are perceived and treated in a variety of social settings.

Given that the organization works in hospitality management, social media users expect the problem to be rectified and persons involved held accountable.vv



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