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5 80s singers that could give Taylor Swift a run for her money

by Ron Poblete

FOR the last decade or so, Taylor Swift has been the dominant female artist in the world. 

Album after album, crossing over genres, she just has this remarkable ability to stay on top. 

Back in 2014, she showed who’s boss when she pulled out her 1989 album from Spotify causing the platform and her fans to beg her to come back. 

How about when Kanye ambushed her acceptance speech at the Grammys? That didn’t do Kanye any favors. Where’s Kanye now?

She is — pardon the Star Wars reference – the “death star” of pop from 2006 onwards. 

There are “haters gonna hate hate hate” and try to shoot her down but she’s gotten big enough that she is almost bulletproof. 

Currently number 25 in the US Insider’s top 50 best selling artist list with 51 million albums sold according to the Recording Association of America, she is up there with greats.

But if ever we can merge time and witness a popularity-battle between “Tay-Tay” and some female 80s hotties, who would stand a chance?

Here’s our list:


A young Madonna versus Taylor Swift is a no contest. 

40 years in the business. 64.5 million albums sold. 

Back in the 80s, little girls wore those fishnet stockings, big hoop earrings and aquanet hardened teased hair like a uniform. Those same girls are still gawking over her  and ordering tickets to see her live 40 years later. 

She has managed to reinvent herself over and over again. Even at the age of 64, she seems to have stayed relevant. Her level of commitment to her craft has not faded with age. 

But if she were in the same era as Taylor, who do you think can’t hold a candle to whom?

Cyndi Lauper

A young Cyndi Lauper is unstoppable. Colorful and full of energy. She taught girls how to have fun. Her voice is as distinct as your mama’s voice. It is so familiar and comforting.  When she sings True Colors, little rainbows pierce your heart. No one is as heartfelt when singing to her words. 

She sold 50 million albums.

Belinda Carlisle 

Former Go-go’s front woman Belinda Carlisle may not be at par with the likes of Madonna or Cyndi Lauper in terms of actual album sales with a relatively sub-par 5.2 million albums sold but she is a stunner. 

She has the classic looks of Grace Kelly and the innocent charm of a young Audrey Hepburn. 

Her videos are so memorable. She is the reason why you think all girls are angels and the reason for your existence. 

Heaven on Earth is her most successful album and her best to date. Taylor’s 1989 is great but just because it reminds you too much of albums like Belinda’s. It’s nostalgic. 

Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles

Like Belinda Carlisle, she is drop dead gorgeous. With a voice so soothing, her “eternal flame” lives on the collective memory of a generation. Most of her success was from her band The Bangles who got together for their shared love for the Beatles. 

They sold 20 million albums but all can be attributed to Susanna’s sultry beautiful voice and alluring timeless beauty. As far as talent is concerned, she can compete with Taylor instrument for instrument. 

And did we say she’s eye candy?

Corinne Drewery of Swing Out Sister

This choice is not about money or fame. They didn’t set the world ablaze with their music but the dancefloors instead. Corinne has the most beautiful voice and bubbly personality. 

Hidden beneath are layers of sophistication and class. 

She made the “Bob” hair look chic and smart. Beyond the looks, she fills you up with joy listening to her voice singing SOS hits, Waiting Game, Forever Blue and Breakout.

She is magnetic on stage and breath of fresh air live. 

There are more fascinating female singers from the 80s who can stand toe to toe with Taylor that we can add to this list. 

Who’s yours?

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