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3 Philippine restaurants in 50 Top Pizza of Asia-Pacific

by Bryan Gadingan

WHO wouldn’t enjoy a box of pizza, right? But where can we get the best pizza in town? 

50 Top Pizza, a pizza awards body, has announced its list of the greatest restaurants in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes three of our own.

Pizza—with its crispy crust, rich tomato sauce topped with gooey cheese and a diversity of delectable toppings—has become a culinary phenomenon around the globe. 

Its appeal is not limited to a single region or culture as it has brought people together in a universal love affair with this delicious food.  

Two Philippine eateries have climbed the ranks of the online guide 50 Top Pizzas in the Asia-Pacific region, while a third returned to the annual rankings.

Crosta Pizzeria in Makati City is the highest-ranked Philippine pizzeria, coming in second place among the top 50. In September 2023, they placed 54th among the top 100 pizzerias in the globe.

Crosta expressed their thanks and delight about the award on Instagram, writing, “!! #2 in Asia-Pacific !! Pizza Maker of the Year 2024 @yuiichiiiiii. Thank you for this massive recognition @50toppizza and a big big hug to our friends at The Pizza Bar on 38th for securing the #1 spot two years in a row!”

The Philippine restaurant trails The Pizza Bar on 38th in Tokyo, Japan, which rose from 32nd to first place in Asia-Pacific.

Meanwhile, Amado Fores’ A Mano, which placed 96th among the top 100 pizzerias in the world last year, rose to 12th place on the list, thanks to their diverse menu of Italian meals. A Mano climbed from 48th in 2022 to 15th last year and are now 12th on the list.

Finally, Wildflour Italian re-entered the Top 50 Pizza in Asia-Pacific at No. 47 after missing out on last year’s edition. This year, they improved one spot from their 2022 ranking.

Chef Yuicho Abellare Ito of Crosta Pizzeria earned the Pizza Maker of the Year 2024 – Ferrarelle Award, adding to his Latteria Sorrentina Award for Pizza of the Year 2023, which he received for his Cherry Culatello Pie.

A Mano also won the Pastificio Di Martino Award for Best Pasta Proposal 2024, for their Salami Spicy and Carbonara pizzas.

Unlike cuisines that are limited by cultural or geographical boundaries, pizza has effectively crossed borders and adapted to local tastes. 

Pizza’s global appeal reflects its adaptability and capacity to cross cultural differences, resulting in a shared experience with no limits.



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